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32 Hour Work Week (Fridays Off)

Allow federal employees an option to work only 32 hours per week (Friday's off for example). Some employees really don't need to work 40 hour weeks to get their jobs done. Many employees would also be willing to sacrifice the pay to have a valuable 3 day weekend to spend with their families. Why not make this an optional work week plan for those who wish? THERE ARE SO MANY FOLKS WORKING 40 HOUR WORK WEEKS FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHO IN ACTUALITY ONLY PUT IN MAYBE 20 GOOD HOURS OF REAL WORK PER WEEK. THE REST OF THE TIME IS SPENT WAITING FOR THE CLOCK SO THEY CAN GO HOME. This may be difficult to swallow but it is the truth. So, why not offer the folks who can get their jobs done in a 32 hour work week the chance to work less. This could save a tremendous amount of money for the federal government. Folks would also be more rested and take the smaller amount of work time available more seriously. This would improve the quality of work. The same amount of work could get done in less time and with a 20% cost savings.If this choice was available, perhaps 10 to 20% of folks would go for it (my own conservative estimate).

People in this age are beginning to value their free time/family time more than in previous decades. We need to adjust to our changing values and also evolve out of this old fashioned idea that every employee must be in his/her work seat 40 hours per week in order to be effective.


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    Community Member

    I agree with your assessment that many employees are not given sufficient duties to cover a 40 hour work week.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    In fact, bosses should be encouraging their staff to work shorter weeks wherever possible to save money and improve the worker's effectiveness on the job.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    I would say probably 80% of federal employees truly work only 25% of the 40 hour work work. Why not let them have Fridays off with the relative pay cut if they agree? Imagine how much could be saved and how their use of work time would improve.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Folks that have a 3 days weekend every week would probably be better rested and less stressed out overall. This would also probably lead to better health and less overhead on the insurance system also.

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    Community Member

    Only if overtimed is not paid for those in that program. Because employees would take the Friday off nd then try to work overtime other days of the week to do the job.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Good point about overtime. Folks should only recieve overtime if they work past 40 hours. For example, if the person on a 32 hour work week schedule needed to work a Friday for 8 hours who would get the compensatory pay. If he then in turn worked late on Friday for 3 extra hours beyond the normal 8 he then should be entitled to overtime pay naturally.

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    Community Member

    This is similar to the suggestion of employees having the option of at least 1 day a month with Leave Without Pay (LWOP), honestly, I would not mind this kind of thinking if it is optional. Although we would have to classify those who are essential personnel.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Of course, the management could decide that a particular employee is needed 5 days per work - administrative support for example. But, at least, if we make the option open the government could save money, employees would be happier and better rested, and work time would be used more productively.

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    Community Member

    Do not expand the work day to 10 hrs, just shorten the workweek to four days x 8 hrs up to 32 hrs per week with same pay. Allow employees to work and additional 8 hrs from a remote location if necessary or required. This saves time and dollars in operating buildings thus reducing the overhead cost but maintains or increases productivity. More will get done in 32 hours! With the understanding that to use the incentive of having the ability to work from home (remote location) most work will really get done in 32 hrs. Running facilities for 40 hrs a week is inefficient and costly. If this idea is embraced by government agencies, in major metropolitan areas like DC, it could reduce traffic significantly.

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    Community Member

    These ideas all have similar focus. You can search by idea number to access them.

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    3381 and 3941 are better developed. I would rather have the option of taking a few hours a week on a volunteer basis (shortening my week or a little bit every day) rather than a whole day, or maybe both options. Also, some people or offices can't just take off, or can't afford it. see those other ideas.

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    Community Member

    As a Federal Employee who has nearly 20 year of my career with the government, I would love this to be an option. I have quite a bit mobility and excellent job satisfaction, but I just do not have enough time with my son. I would be happy to lose some pay to gain that time. The government on the other hand has a lot invested in me. I am not just a name taking up space in the organizational chart, I bring my own unique strengths to my position. I just can't seem to strike the family balance with my 40 hour a week job. This could be the answer for many people in a similar position.