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Abolish the Board of Immigration Appeals

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Abolish the Board of Immigration Appeals


I am a career immigration officer and have witnessed for years the complete waste and buerocracy of this lumbering and incompetent agency. They routinely take up to TWO YEARS to make a decision on persons who are incarcerated at GOVERNMENT EXPENSE costing at times over $100 a day and even up to FIVE YEARS on non detained cases. All so a panel of 3 judges can agree with the original decision of the first judge. They cost ICE millions and millions on detention costs and resulting medical care and lawsuits dithering away on generally cookie-cutter appeals from convicted foreign felons who already have been ordered deported by an immigration judge. They answer to nobody and add a tremendous strain to the already cumbersome deportation process by their inexcusable, almost laughable delay time. How can anybody take the removal process seriously when the EOIR and BIA stretch a final decision out for four or five years? What a joke.


I do not expect this suggestion to be honored as I know the sway that these judges have, but, as a patriotic American, when I am asked for cost saving suggestions, this is the biggest and most obvious I could possibly suggest. The BIA and EOIR need to be held responsible and either speed things up considerably or be completely abolished.



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