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Air Force Civilian PCS Process AFPC

I suggest you..The permanent Change of Station (PCS) process for Air Force civilians is dysfunctional. Currently, all civilian PCS orders are done by hand. Once the employee is notified of a management directed reassignment it will be months before they have their orders in hand. Often, employees don’t receive their orders until 30 days before they are scheduled to PCS, after the request had been submitted 60-90 days before they are scheduled to travel. For employees that want to take advantage of the Defense National Relocation Program (DNRP), they are forced to wait for orders to enroll, once enrolled the home is often sold after they have departed for their new duty station. This delays the purchase of their next home and forces the employee to pay two mortgages until they meet the minimum 60 days on market with orders DNRP requirement. To resolve this issue we need an automated process. As of current, the PCS unit at the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) creates each set of PCS orders by hand using archaic systems. Instead, a capability should be built into the Defense Travel System (DTS) that allows the employee to create the initial order. The order then follows a chain of approvals in the system much like NSPS PAA’s, that would lead to the creation of their orders within 72 hours. The would eliminate employees waiting to get orders in some cases just a few days before they leave, not being able to ship household goods, and not being able to make travel arrangements for their families. In short, the civilian PCS process should be reinvented within DTS to allow the employee more control and better timing to obtain PCS orders in a manner that currently takes from 4 months to 30 days, to a goal of 72 hours turn around. This would save thousands of man hours saving the Air Force Hundreds of thousands of dollars.



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