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Allow employees to purchase leave hours during government economic hard-times.

Allow employees to purchase leave hours during economic bad times. Not a lot, just some. Make whatever stipulations you want, like, that particular leave cannot be used all at once or during a specific time, etc.


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    I don't understand this one. Leave is accummulated and used so that you get paid for your time off. This suggestion seems to say it would be a good idea to buy your time off. How does that help someone who may fall on economic hard times?

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    It doesn't help a person, unless that person wants or needs more leave... what it DOES help is the government. Wouldn't it? Isn't this the goal of the SAVE award?

    I undersatnd, but productive discussion could be needed to work out the kinks.

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    It is questionable how much it helps the government. Extra cash vs lost productivity. Do you think it should be one flat fee for everyone or graduated according to grade/step? It would be interesting to hear/see some brainstorming on this one.

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    I think it should be the regular hourly pay per employee, maybe with an additional fee added to it for the "convienience." As far as loss productivity, the stipulation could be that the leave cannot be used during the announced "government hard time".