Department of Energy

Alternative Energy

Give a tax credit, or something to that effect, for installing solar panels on your house. Then have an incentive to send energy back to the grid if it isn't used. I'm not quite sure where this is implemented, but I believe it is in Norway. This will also free up money that would've been spent on the electric bill to go back into the economy. It will not hurt the electric companies though, as they will still need technicians to install and regulate new solar panels.


As for fuel alternative, why are we not assisting Europe in producing Hydrogen power? Again I'll use Norway; they have a 400km stretch of highway dedicated to Hydrogen powered vehicles that they currently have operating. Does anyone else see a problem with that? We rely so much on oil, that it's controlling our lives. If we had the technology that is already being implemented overseas, it would cut fuel costs and give the American car industry a need to hire unemployed to start making the Hydrogen cell vehicles.


I know this is apparently a very touchy subject with the government. Almost similar to the legalization of marijuana (which would also stimulate the economy by being able to tax that as well as cut back on the need for prisons, but I digress). Eventually we are going to lose that blanket of security that is, “We have enough to last for our lifetime". Let's resolve this BEFORE we get to that "Uh oh!" point.



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