Department of Energy

Blackout Initiative: All U.S. Government Department Buildings Power-down For One (1) Hour Daily

Blackout Initiative: Every form of U.S. Government Agency / Department building will be mandated to turn off lights, air-conditioners, heating, for one (1) hour. It will work in a layered fashion - east coast to west coast. Every day, at 12:00 noon, in each respective time zone, every form of government facility will power down all major electric-consuming component for one (1) hour. Perhaps coordinated through GSA to set up timers going to major electrical units (Emergency overrides may be needed).This will create millions in savings. The exceptions will be departments that cannot operationally carry-out this mandate, such as VA hospitals etc., and in the event of severe and adverse weather conditions. Most government departments customarily have lunch hours during the 12 noon hour; but if nationally mandated to power down, the U.S. Government can ensure a substantial savings while the workforce / servicemen are out to lunch. This mandate will only take place Monday through Friday, as these days comprise the bulk / volume of energy usage. However, if considered drastic, some or even one (1) day a week creates a substantial energy savings to United States' budget. If planned appropriately, all U.S. outpost facilities throughout the world can explore this cost-saving measure (i.e. U.S. Embassy, etc.).



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