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Bloom Energy Box to supply power to CIV and MIL agencies

The Bloom Energy Box (http://www.bloomenergy.com/) can provide clean electrical power to any government or military installation at a lower cost than purchasing power from the local utilities. This could save the government millions or billions of dollars over time if expanded to all Federal agencies and Military installations. The Bloom Energy boxes could be used to augment the power needs of any facility, and the savings in utility costs for ectrical power could be used for other unfunded requirements or could be used to pay down the debt. The Bloom Energy Boxes are easy to install and can use a wide variety of fuel sources to generate electrical power.


Companies like Google, FEDEX, Staples, E-Bay and other companies are using the Bloom Energy Box for power generation. Almost every government agency has a data center of some type and the Bloom Energy Boxes could provide power to operate IT equipemnt and the IT infrastructure and could be used to generate power in remote locations. Google is using the Bloom Energy Boxes to supply power to their data centers and the Federal government should be able to do the same.


Link to customers using the Bloom Energy Box http://www.bloomenergy.com/customers/


Link to CBS 60 Minute video explaining the Bloom Energy Box http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6228923n&tag=contentMain;contentBody


Link to explain the benefits like efficient clean energy out of box (Low Cost Materials, High Electrical Output, Fuel Flexibility, and Reversible) http://www.bloomenergy.com/products/



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