Change Maximum Number of Annual Leave Hours Earned from 8 to 6 and Save One Billion Dollars by the End of Calendar Year 2011 wit


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According to government statistics, the federal government employs over 2 million civil employees that earn an average of $74,403.00 annually or $35.77 hourly. The federal government could reduce spending (increase savings) by $858,480.000.00 (almost $1 billion) this year if it changed the number of annual leave hours earned per pay period from eight hours to six hours. This figure is based on ΒΌ of the employees being eligible to receive eight hours per pay period.

1.Implementation cost would be minimal

2.Limit number of Use or loss hours used at the end of the year

3.Encourage workers to use leave without pay (reduce payroll)

4.Show the American public that we are sacrificing during this hardship

5.Help to pay down deficit

6.Reduce retirement cost

We would still get 20 days of annual leave and 13 days of sick leave. Not to mention 10 federal holidays and for most of us weekends off.


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    Community Member

    As is, many Government workers are caped. Reduce Annual Leave hours to 6 and you take away motivation, vacation time, and that takes away incentive for majority of workers. The goal is to help the Government do its job better. If we do our job better than we are saving money, take away incentive and your left with employees doing a worse job.

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    Community Member

    The government must remain competitive with the private sector in terms of leave. We already forfeit unused leave and this would harm more than help the situation.

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    Community Member

    A great example of opportunity for true savings. Place your idea on the ballot of public opinion rather than on a website where only those receiving government or government-contracted pay and benefits get to vote and you have a true winner.

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    Community Member

    Why stop at annual leave? Why not take away or reduce the retirement, health and life insurance benefits? Why don't we just get people who independently wealthy to volunteer to work for the government that way we can save billions.

    There is always someone that thinks that governemnt employees are overpaid and don't deserve the pay and benefits they receive. But those people usually have no idea of what a government employee actually does on a daily basis.