Department of Energy

Change the look of government credit cards to help prevent fraud and abuse.

Change the look of the government travel card and purchase card. This is NO COST, and should help with fraud and abuse.

I review the misuse report for the travel card. I often hear that the card resembles their personal card. There is NO COST to the government to request the banks to change the color and enlarge the wording on the card. A bright solid colored card with large letters across the entire card which reads: FOR OFFICIAL US GOVERNMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Then, when individuals pull the card for use, they think twice before swiping the card. It also helps individuals, like me who review for misuse. No longer will the excuse, "it looks like my other card" will be accepted. Merchants may also notice the card when it is used - and maybe even ask if it is valid.


I currently hand out fluorescent green MR YUCK (poison control) stickers to employees to help them ID their government card. It has helped a little and people really like the idea of the stickers.



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