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Connect the federal dots and cut the fat

The OMB Director directs agencies to “cut 5 percent of their budget by reducing or terminating poor performing or low priority programs…”

Haven’t we tried this before? In fact, we make budget cuts in programs within agencies as a regular budget exercise. Above the line, below the line.

I did a quick look on USA.gov. There are approx. 450 federal agencies, boards, commissions, committees, and that includes 15 departments, 4 quasi-official agencies, and about 50 Independent Agencies and Government Corporations.

What if we look across the government, connect the dots, and determine where to cut.

Today, we can’t say we know we need all these organizations or that the way we're structured makes sense. We add on to government and rarely shut anything down when it is obsolete, legacy, or replaced by another function in the government.

It is time. In fact, I’d volunteer as the first member of a team to take it on for the Administration. It wouldn’t take years, it wouldn’t take a commission, it wouldn’t be repackaged transformation.

If you look at all the recommendations on this site, it’s clear some agencies and orgs are working better and more efficiently than others. Some recommendations are for practices that have been in place for years.

We need to be able to look across government and manage it. We have cut by organization and there isn’t anything more to cut to affect debt except the low hanging fruit.



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