Department of Energy

Consolidated NQA-1 Qualified Suppliers List and Strategic Procurements for Nuclear Construction

DOE/NNSA have multiple large nuclear facility construction projects under design (UPF, PDC, CMRR). Each project is developing and maintaining their own lists of vendors that are qualified to supply materials for their projects. There is large potential cost savings through consolidation of these efforts into an enterprise wide solution by development of an NNSA-wide or DOE-wide qualified suppliers list for use by multiple projects. Similarly, all of these projects will be undergoing construction during the same timeframes, and would therefore benefit from a strategic procurement plan for common materials needed by each project (e.g. rebar, imbeds, gloveboxes, copper tubing, etc.). Since the combined estimated costs of these three projects exceeds $6 Billion, it is estimated that significant savings could be realized through using an enterprise-wide solution.



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