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Contracting Ethical Abuse Prevention

The suggestion is made to increase regulatory controls, auditing oversight, and associated penalties for Federal Officials using their Government positions to direct Government work towards private contractors who inturn hire the same Federal Officials two years after they have signed a whopping monetary contract with a particular contractor and then retire. It is common place to see Federal Officials signing contracts for Federal work performed by a private company only to then see that same company hire the same Federal Official who got them the work contract to begin with a year or two later after that Federal Official retires. Who then turn up as a VP or Subcontractor CEO to the parent company they put in business in the first place.


All of which is entirely legal in the present state of regulatory oversight. This practice is draining the Federal budget, crippling the Federal Workforce morale (if one is not in on the deal), and resulting in work performed for the sole purpose of lining some Federal Official's pocket and making friends and cousins very rich at the tax payers expense.


Increased stringent preventative requirements, increased outside agency auditing and investigative authority, and increased awareness as well as top down driven emphasis in each Federal Agency would end these practices.


This is not news to anyone who has read the newpapers, watched CNN, or even read the Federal agency watchdog reports. What is new, is the idea of doing something about it.



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