Department of Defense

DOD Implementation of Defense Knowledge Online (DKO)

IDEA: Direct MilDep/DoD to migrate their portals to DKO then sunset such portals & use DKO enterprise svs.

WHY: Title 10 USC Sec 2223/DoDD 5144.1 require DoD CIO to eliminate duplicate IT/national security systems in MilDep/DoD. DoDD 8000.01 requires DoD CIO issue enterprise-wide plans, policies/procedures to enable DoD IT mgt.

WHAT: DKO enables 2.5M DoD users global access to info resources from any computer for secure telecommuniting regardless of location. DKO provides NIPR & SIPR email, ID Mgt, directory svs, SSO, search, file storage, Knowledge Management, IM/Chat, NCES net-centric tools, facebook-like tool, wiki/blog, video msg, workflow/BPM, help desk, Cert &Accreditation (MAC-I). Three sites (US and Bahrain) enable 24/7 nonstop svs to warfighter, Intel/Business COIs to securely access/share data, apps/svs across DoD in-garrison/enroute/deployed. Upgrade to spt 3.5M users completed in Jan 2010.

COST: DKO costs $100M/FY10/11.

SAVE: Navy using SharePoint to collapse portals, AF recompeting GCSS-AF costing $1B. Migration to DKO => $200+M savings/yr. Mandate Army to use DKO email instead of contracting to use MS solution => $280M saving/yr.



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