Department of Justice

De-Centralization of Government Agencies

Decentralizing federal employees could save hundreds of millions or more in salary, local travel compensation, air travel and relocation expenses. Not every position that exists in Washington D.C. is required to be there. Many positions can remain in the field. With video and tele-conferencing capabilities as well as other technologies, meetings have become revolutionized. I am not saying relocate those that live there now, but through attrition, allow the staff filling the positions to remain in the field. The positions that are capable of remaining in the field will be easily identifiable. It will also reduce stress and inconveniences of relocating families. Just comparing the GS Pay Scale from the Washington D.C. area to those from around the country the savings is very evident. The increased costs of flying in and out of the area and relocation fees would be equally obvious. I recommend a project to examine the potential savings of decentralization of staff.



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