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My experience of approximately 23 years with the US NAVY and US Air force, Military/Civilian, Mechanic and Information Technology Specialist. I have seen tech data come in many forms and require many platforms to make it available to the end users. What a lot of people don’t see with some of the more elaborate programs written are issues the end users have getting their tech data to work. Many require difficult third party software that get updated and break or developers hardcode something that creates a security issue. Many require server/client configurations. Along with the issues, there are many man hours getting used to keep all this working and when it don’t our systems protecting our country are in limbo until we can get things working again. I propose a more simple standardization of all tech data in a .PDF format. Acrobat Reader is all that is used and is already installed on the majority of all workstations. Some servers could be shutdown and all data can be shared on a simple NAS environment. .PDF files can be used on most mobile devices such as a BlackBerry. Searching for data is simple Ctrl + F and type what you are looking for. Text on pages can be hyper linked to jump to sections in seconds. A .PDF is what I like to call a page turner, it’s just like using a book but much faster to find what you need. This would create a greener server farm using less power, cooling and space. Lower cost for development work, lower troubleshooting time taking up less man hours for issues. Use less physical hard drive space. End user learning curve for different tech data tools would not be an issue as most kids in high school know how to use Acrobat Reader. Maybe it’s too late for this to even be a thought with many IT departments doing a good job keeping data available but I still think there is a big savings here and an environment improvement as well.



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