Department of Energy

Do-it-now Energy Savings Fed-wide

As a 1-time deal, have the Dept of Energy go federal-wide in all federal offices and buildings to implement known energy-saving measures for incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures. Why wait for all of the federal departments and services to get around to doing what we already know are the best things to do, yet they have to do them with funds taken out of hide? Create a special one-time (stimulus?) fund to do these things:

1. Replace all 4-foot T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes and mounting brackets with the more efficient T5 tubes.

2. Swap out incandescent bulbs in light usage areas, such as janitor closets, with fluorescent replacements.

3. Swap out extra stock of the older tubes and bulbs one for one with the new ones, so there will not be older tubes to use later in a pinch.

4. Have all private offices and meeting rooms (of reasonable size) equipped with wall-mounted light switches that are motion sensing. Include restrooms by using around-the- corner sensing switches.

Just git-r-done. The savings will be immediate fed-wide.



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