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Electric power Replacement and solution

I recommend putting Solar Panels on the Roofs of any and all Government Buildings. In addition, any location that is suitable for wind energy put up Wind Turbines to reduce the overwhelming cost of electric energy used by Government agencies and most American citizens. The initial cost will be very high but in the extended period of use (years to come), these energy saving implementations will eventually pay for themselves and begin making money for citizens and government agencies, thus reducing or eliminating costs associated with daily electricity use. The option of creating Wind Turbine fields in the mid-west and along coast water ways and Solar fields in the desert areas should be explored as well. In the long-run, I believe the implementation of Solar and Wind-power could reduce or nullify our dependency of foreign oil and increase the necessity of electric technology for automobiles, home and business electric use, not to mention the possibility of farm electric use. I also believe that this will create much needed jobs in the United States, allowing the individuals living in the US to contribute to the economy that has been lacking for some time. Saving Energy and depending on our own citizens for employment will help reduce Unemployment and increase the United States economic wealth as a whole.



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