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Elimintate bus service at INL

At the Idaho National Labortory, most site workers ride busses to and from the Idaho Falls and outlying areas to work. This bussing system (government furnished) is made up of several dozen modern busses, a large bus maintenance shop and infrastructure costing millions of dollars per year to operate. My solution is to elminate this service. At Hanford, we had a similar bus system that was a left-over from the cold war era. In the late 90's the bussing system was eliminated. Many Hanford workers complained that they would quit if the service was eliminated. When the service was no longer provided by the government, no body I knew quit. The decision to eliminate a bus sdrvice at Hanford, however did cause the following things to occur: Workers started started to carpools and local transit company provided van pool services. Ultimately, a private sector company cannot compete with a government subsidized bus service and prevents privitazation. All workers at the INL earn an adequate wage that transportation should come out of the pocket of the worker...not the government. The INL bus system may have been a good idea during the cold war era, but may be a service that is best provided by a private contractor.



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