General Services Administration

Establish Toll-Free Phone Numbers for Essential Federal Services

I would like to suggest that for all essential services for federal staff (e.g., HR, IT, travel), federal agencies offer toll-free phone numbers for use by staff that are teleworking, traveling, or working outside the DC area. (The HR support for my office does not offer a toll-free number.) Phone companies may offer toll-free numbers at a deep discount. Additionally, when these numbers were first introduced they were expensive and hard to get, but now they are so inexpensive and simple to set up. Agencies also do not need extra phone lines to get toll-free numbers. Instead, the number rings through to agencies, on whatever other number they specify. Agencies would only have to pay for the calls to their toll-free numbers. If nobody calls, there is no charge, which positively impacts taxpayers. The only steps to implement this idea would be to determine which services are essential and require that agencies obtain toll-free numbers for these services.


Agency Impacted: General Services Administration, Multi-Agency



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