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We are trying to save a few drops at the faucet when there are massive leaks (waste, mismanagement, incompetence, abuse) and theft (fraud) at the pumps and pipes. When revenue is drying up, we need to be thinking of a TRILLION not a measley million. I recommended the following actions last year, please be serious this time.

- Install a strong and effective internal control system. Without it, any business will fail, including the business of Government. It may take a while but it will.

- empower the employees to police the system for fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. Please do not fire the whistleblowers or put them in jail. The IG and other inspectors/auditors cannot police the entire system even if you increase their numbers. It is impractical or even impossible to do a 100% audit or inspection, especially of the federal government with its infinite number of branches and divisions. Only by empowering the whistleblowers will we be able to plug the leaks. Another big benefit: they can act as deterence from future improper and illegal activities. If you don't do this, there will be other Madoffs and massive multi-billion dollar oil spills in the immediate future, because many are still out there; they just haven't got caught yet.

Please, get serious about saving, for the sake of my children and yours.



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