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Combine all the similar topics into one to tally actually votes. Who has the time to read through 16k plus ideas? That sounds like a waste of Government time and money. For instance there are nearly 10,000 telework, tele-commute, telecommute, work from home, etc. these should all be tallied and then count the total votes. Do I have to take the time to read through all of these? The point was made with one; although each and everyone have a valid point mentioned that another may not.

Another example is voting on eliminating the paper $1 bill, nearly 4,000 posts, which should be tallied to get true accurate results. When combined I am sure that all the statements probably make sense and one can see how it can affect the “entire” Government in a positive way.

It wouldn't be fair to take the “ONE” with the highest vote because that does not necessarily mean that it is worthy of winning. This isn't about who gets the trip to DC, it is about HOW TO SAVE MONEY. An email stating "WAY TO GO, YOUR IDEA IS BEING IMPLEMENTED" to each of the participants that had the same idea would be sufficient. Who knows maybe others have authority and can "entice" others to vote for them, just because they were told to.

I certainly hope some minimal idea does not get selected this year. MAKE IT COUNT and MAKE IT MANDATORY. Don’t let this project be just another waste of money. Let’s do something that WILL make a difference and show taxpayers that we spend WISELY!

If the Government is REALLY looking to save money, then the Government REALLY needs to group the like ideas together.



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