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GOV TRIP - Utilize Commercial Online Travel Booking - NOT GOVTRIP - AND GET COMMERCIAL FARES !

By using an online commercial travel booking service such as Travelocity or Orbitz we could save millions - literally. By using GovTrip we are wasting millions of dollars by 1. untold employee hours (and likely the most money) wasted due to poor website application functionality, 2. not being able to book the least expensive options, 3. the cost of the application itself, 4. difficulty in processing travel vouchers after travel is complete, 5. service fees for each trip/voucher, and 6. difficulty in altering a travel reservation during a trip (that often results in a call to a federal travel agent at another service fee cost).


Using an exisiting commercial application would not cost us anything to use, is well vetted for functionality - therefore faster/easier/cheap to use, has access to least expensive lodging/rental/flights (most companies already accept government rates without having to use GovTrip), and travel vouchers could easily be accomplised via a "trip complete window" that sends an email to the supervisor for approval/etc.


And once a "voucher" is approved (or a trip is completed) - a notice to NFC for payment could be easily made. GovTrip costs a lot of money in time not spent on actual work - and we can do much better by using a free and efficient system.



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