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GSA Advantage Vendor Rating

GSA Advantage needs to have a vendor rating system like Amazon and e-bay use. This would save the government time and money. Very often the description and /or picture in GSA Advantage do not match what you actually get when you order something.

A good example of this is printer cartridges. You order what you think is an original printer cartridge and then get a refilled cartridge instead. I am all for recycling but, when you pay for an original cartridge you should get it. Especially when the recycled ones should be about half the cost. So you have then paid way to much for the recycled one and must decide whether to spend time with the complicated return/reorder or just to keep what you got at the way to high price.

A vendor rating sysem would allow buyers to give feedback about vendors and it would encourage more vendors to put correct information on GSA advantage.



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