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Gov't Assistance Incentive

Concerning Gov't assistance programs (e.i. welfare, section-8, wic, etc.), individuals either 'qualify' or not-qualify. Thus, there is no incentive for an individual to improve their situation. If they get a job that is a "little" better, they can lose all of their benefits.

My proposal is to create a skale that would decrease their benefits as their financial situation improves. If not a skale, at least a point where the beneficiary receives half of the benefits.

Submitted by Community Member 4 years ago

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  1. I don't feel that a scale would benefit these types of programs. There are a lot of people in them and not all of them are just looking for the handout. I knew a lady on welfare with two young kids at the time, she had NO skills to speak of, just out of high school, it would have cost more for her to take that miminum wage job, put the kids in daycare, maintain a car (which probably would have been dollaring her to death anyway)than it was for her to stay on the welfare until both kids were in school fulltime. Sometimes you just have be on welfare.

    4 years ago
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