Office of Personnel Management

Government-wide Early Retirement and $50,000 Separation Bonus

Approximately 50 percent of Federal Employees are eligible to retire over the next five years. Notwithstanding, in recent years the actual number of retirements has been very low. The average age of Federal Government employees is now approaching 50 years old.


Qualified individuals who are seeking employment from the outside are finding it very difficult to enter the Federal Government because most jobs are encumbered and few new jobs are available. This greatly impedes our ability to bring new talent into the Federal Government.


Offering Government-wide Early Retirement and $50,000 Separation Bonuses to increase the retirement rate will help to open up new jobs and bring in new talent.


Private corporations offer early retirements and separation bonuses on a regular basis to their employees with excellent results. The Federal Government should offer similar incentives to help encourage employees make the transition into retirement.



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