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Improve Best Value Determinations for Procurement

Improve Best Value Determinations for Procurement


Challenge - to examine procurement “best value” over time, to organization as a whole, instead of treating each effort individually at a specific point in time.


Solution – Provide templates that are easy to build, standardize, available immediately and require little training to quantify upstream and downstream impacts which increase value and decrease costs, over the organization’s entire business process.


Immediate uses include software and technology purchases providing analytical or query services where speed, scale, and accuracy improvements result in fewer hours worked or decreases in false positives. E.g. using simple Excel formulas with reusable and customizable ROI and ROR templates for repeatable and consistent use, users can identify how each dollar spent to increase processing speed translates to decreases in analyst's wait/down times.


Sample formula: # of Users X Fully Loaded Rate X # of Queries Over Life Expectancy of System X Decreased Wait Time Per Query - Software Cost = Savings.


I have Excel templates.



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