Department of Defense

In-Source Network Engineering

Recommend the DOD return to having leadership promote its use of organic government IT engineering and technician staff to provide mission critical network engineering services. This governmental staff can partner with equipment manufacturerers and vendors of mission systems to better understand the integration of these mission systems and forming a consortium of networking experts.


Recently, a major reorganization took place in the communications and IT structure in the Air Force. The last existing organic engineering units were brought under a major command that has been operating with its own personal internal IT engineering contractor. The major command historically outsourced all their engineering and continue to do so even though it now commands in-house engineering personnel that can meet and beat their IT engineering contractor with a simple request versus a Task Implementation Order costing tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, government engineering products are being used to supplement the engineering output of the IT engineering contractor via QAE channels despite recommendations to the contrary from contracting officers.


Personnel at the organic engineering units are trained to deliver solutions with a goal of representing the best interest to the US Government. Our military have grown up forgetting this concept in a world where contracting out IT engineering services was the norm for the past 10 - 15 years. The Air Force has engineers that consistently provide battle proven solutions to the Air Force and actually have better experience than the IT engineering contractor at the major command. The governement can partner with equipment manufacturers and have a better logistical support trail and a knowledgeable, technical staff. The time is ripe to have in-house IT engineering talent that know how to build networks.



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