Office of Personnel Management

Job Application Improvement

Eliminate the requirement to provide supporting documents for job applicants when applying for positions and require it only after an initial screening of eligibility. In addition to more documentation for HR to review (and protect) to determine eligibility, it solicits additional privacy information that could be avoided. For example, a current Federal employee who is a 30% or more disabled veteran has to submit: SF-50, DVA letter, DD-214, SF-15, etc. All the information is contained on the SF-50 for current Federal employees. You also have to submit an identical package for the MP and DEU applications, increasing the workload and privacy information. Supporting documentation should only be requested from individuals who are deemed eligible with resume and KSA responses. If this "won't work" for some reason, change the SF-15 and not require a different one (identifying the position being applied for) for each position at an agency.



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