Federal Drug Control Programs

Legalize marijuana

Think of all the problems caused by restricting the use of marijuana. Doesn't it seem odd that cigarettes are far more deadly than this natural plant? I don't smoke it, but seems like a ridiculous thing to put a hold on. We have our prisons flooding with so many misdemeanors and small time crooks, mainly involved with selling/using marijuana.


I have never seen a "pot-head" attack someone in a rage; however, I've seen more than my share of bar fights. Also, I've never seen cocaine, LSD, heroin, or any other hard drugs used in medical procedure.


Granted there are some draw backs to marijuana, none of which are any different than cigarettes or alcohol. And if the FDA could regulate what goes into the manufactured version of the plant, it wouldn't be as risky as it is for those who buy it off of the street.


The bottom line: It will be another source of taxes, another source of jobs, a decrease in crime, and many other benefits. All of which will stimulate the economy.


I know many people are going to dig into this idea, and tear it to shreads. Keep in mind, I'm not a debater; I'm just an everyday American giving an idea. If you don't like it, that's fine, but please be adult about your comments and civil.



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