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Leveraging government resources through partnerships

I suggest that we approach the work of government differently and work more closely with private sector, service organizations, non-governmental organizations and foundations through partnerships.


The government needs to rethink the way we procure services and where appropriate build sustainable partnerships to advance our work


Much of the business of government can be approached in a spirit of partnership that can draw upon others resources and their expertise. Private sector can bring their technical expertise, markets, financial resources and creativity to governmental issues. Foundations bring financial resources, programmatic experience and the ability to take risks government's cannot take with taxpayer resources. Non-governmental organizations, including service organizations, faith-based and other civil society organizations bring their hands on programming and their ability to connect with people on a person to person basis.


Public-private partnerships are not new, and over the past 10 years they have been expanded in many of our agencies and Departments. Some agencies have created offices that specialize in this way of apporaching governmental services, however even those agencies are only beginning to scratch the surface of the true potential of working in partnerships.


To be successful in creating partnerships, I recommend the following:


1). Create a White House Initiative for Partnerships to promulgate the concept of partnerships.


2). Conduct a thorough review of what is being done in partnership across government and determine best practices and disemminate.


3). Gather input from prospective partners (private sector, foundations, NGOS) on their interest in seeing the government move into a more partnership role.


3). Review legal and procurement authorities to determine what is needed to make partnership agreements easier to execute and legally sound.


4). Create a new government job series that brings this specialty into government offices.


5). Require a review by each agency to determine which programs that can be done through partnerships and to make a determination of leverage potential.


6). Find partnership champions in agencies and train them to train others in their agencies on the approach to partnering.



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