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Lower the voltage to save energy

Lower the voltage on the "electrical services" to buildings to save energy, on DOD Activities that operate and maintain their Electrical Utility Systems". Taking each building separately and lowering the tap connections or a manual selector "tap changer" adjustments at the "pad" or "pole" mount transformers that provide the electrical service to the buildings.

As the voltage is decreased- the current or amperage will also decrease which lowers the power or wattage used. For every 1-1/4 volts decreased from 120 volts AC- at the "point of use" throughout the DOD Activities an approximate 1% savings would result, a 2-1/2 volts decrease- would equal a 2% cost savings yearly would be realized and so- on.

There would be no material or equipment needed to be installed, just the planning and the PWD Utilites Dept. labor to perform the work.

The small voltage changes are well within the allowable voltage ranges from ANSI C84.1- American National Standard for Electric Power Systems and Equipment, this Code has been adopted by the Army, Navy, and the Air Force.

AC motors will operate within these voltage ranges. Larger AC motors are controlled by "REDUCED- VOLTAGE" motor starters and electronic "soft start" motor starters.

This would save millions of dollars yearly if used worldwide.

I submitted this suggestion in 1997 and it was adopted by a Naval Station.



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