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Managerial Audits of existing tenders (vice contracts) to eliminate Non-Value Added Costs and Invoices

I recently completed a Lean Six Sigma project for the 21st Theater Sustainment Command that will save an estimated $12.8 million through FY16 simply from reviewing transportation tenders and eliminating non-value added services and payments to private contractors. Tenders are different than contracts in that they can be changed by either party with little notice and may or may not receive oversight and audit controls. This savings can be easily replicated throughout the Federal Goverment with a required review of all existing tenders. I recommend utilization of the Lean Six Sigma process or another methodological statistical management technique, but any reasonably trained officer can audit a tender and realize substaintial savings to the Goverment. Please call or email me for a copy of the project as well as detailed information on how to implement a program such as this.



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