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Meeting Cost-Benefit Gadget/Tool

I suggest you develop a (Google-like) gadget in which meeting administrators can enter the number of participants and an estimated average salary burn rate. Like a timer, the gadget tool would display the number of tax dollars being spent. Although simplistic in form, meeting chairpersons could use this information to improve meeting efficiency with quick and visible cost/benefit assessments. The ability to determine if a topic or discussion is best covered in/out of board, the depth of the topic discussion during the meeting, or if a special meeting is merited is very valuable. A tool such as this would be easily implemented with realization of immediate savings. Additionally, use of such a tool would improve quality of output while lowering operational costs, simplify processes and reduce administrative burdens, and improve the overall speed and efficiency of government operations. Incentive to use the tool could be used within agencies, centers and organizations to see who could show the greatest improvements in meeting effiency. Metrics could be measured by multiplying the number people in the meeting, the meeting duration hours, and the number of meetings which took place in a set period (ie. a month). Using such a metric, even if the number of meetings increased with smaller groups of people, efficiency would be realized and measured.



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