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More incentives to Perform

I truely believe that the best way to achieve greater efficiency and cost saving is to promote competition in the government work force. Greater use of incentives, promotions, bonuses and others, similar to the commerical world processes.

Submitted by Community Member 4 years ago

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  1. I agree with this except that the only way to make it work would be to tell what bonuses and incintives co-workers are making and people don't like to have their business put out as well as it would show where supervisors give out those bonuses to the favorate few! Ans supervisoion wants to take care of their pets.

    4 years ago
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  2. My concern is that so far, the previous systems of this description have not proved free from discrimination and manipulation by raters. NSPS is a key example of a system that was highly manipulated, discriminatory, and did not deliver on promises to hard working employees. In addition, often in the perfomrance based systems, the bonuses and all of that are budget driven and when the buget is not there, guess how what happens; ratings are lowered to meet the budget and that stays on the records. So then you have employees who know they are working at a level far above what their rating turns out to be, and even though most of them are working that hard because that is the way they do it, bonus or not, they are also normally the kind of person because of their work ethic who cannot tolerate the hypocrisy of rating manipulations that reflect their level of work in terms of how much money has been withheld by leadership from the bonuses to spend on other things, including leaderships own bonuses.

    4 years ago
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