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NMCI, Increase speed of intranet

NMCI server system needs to be sped up drastically, whether that equates to additional servers, larger servers, faster servers or all of the above. They routinely slow to a virtual crawl, with some functions (accessing the global to find an email address) that have taken as much as 5 minutes and 47 seconds to complete, many Global accesses taking at least 38 seconds to complete. Many office actions take 13 seconds to complete like opining a document. Add these few minutes up as a percentage of one person's daily transactions and then multiply across all NMCI users and you would have a tremendous savings potential, for right now you obviously have a tremendous waste of productivity. Please be aware that the time lost is just the tip of the ice berg of what is lost, for it often takes some time to remember what you were doing when you are having to wait so long. It can be challenging to remain focused and even more so to remain calm, when so many of your routine actions are dogged down in so much delay. Please do a survey to confirm my experience as being a common one, and I know this idea of speeding up the net will be widely and fervently supported.



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