Office of Personnel Management

Operate the Federal Health Insurance system like a contract.

Instead of having so many choices in the Federal Health Insurance program, issue a 5 year contract (Base year and 4 option years). Select the top 5 providers based on price and benefits (including Dental coverage), each year the providers would be rated by the federal employees which have selected that specific provider, any provider receiving an unacceptable rating would not have their option renewed and a new provider would be added. During open season all the customers of the unacceptable provider would choose a new provider. Every 5 years a new contract would be competed. The federal government is the largest employer in the country. We would become a most cherished prize in the Health Care industry, costs would go down and benefits would increase and care would improve, if each provider knew; they could be terminated if they did not provide the highest standard of care and customer service.



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