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If each year, every department of the government had to eliminate just 1 document from being printed on paper and it was converted to be viewed on a computer as a .pdf for example, the savings would be in the Billions!

For example: Time sheets are signed in and out on paper every day.

Although we have badges that have chips in them to allow us to pass into secured areas and get into employee parking. Why can’t the same process be used to clock in and out instead of all the wasted paper.

After all we are in the computer age and I see so much waste in every aspect of this job and other areas when it comes to writing reports and taking some tests.

I know it’s hard for some to let go of the tactile part, but we need to embrace new ideas and move forward.

This is a GREAT Country advanced in so many ways, but we are also a stubborn country! So many people that don’t want to move forward... so many that don't like change... so many that like it the way it was or is.

We, as a country, need to be on the forefront of technology and the Government needs to reduce redundancy and set the example for others to follow.

We are the Leader of the free world... so why are we so far behind when it comes to the computer era?

Reduce the use of paper, as is being done with the paycheck stubs... that is a good start, but it needs to be applied to every aspect of the government.

Think of not only the amount of money we could save by not using so much paper , the energy savings and carbon foot print from the production of manufacturing the same paper... just think of how much can be saved on the other end!

Filing and handling paper, the cost involved for storing those same papers.

Just a simple study of how much it costs to house and service 1 single filing cabinet. What goes into it and the space required to house it and how long it stays on file, how many people need to handle it, how many times has it been copied for others? I would wager that it costs about $50,000 per year.

Now multiply that by the number file cabinets are used by every government agency!

If a copy needs to be sent to someone, the cost involved in mailing, shipping and handling. What happens if there was a fire and all records were burned?

So many what if’s.



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