Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board

Project/Fund Reporting:



Let me first start by conveying my sincere support on the idea of the President’s Save Award. Our field level government representatives are largely the individuals directly responsible for providing personal services/assistance to the American people. Seemingly too often, the input of the various field level personnel is regarded as unimportant or immaterial.

On a similar note, whether your Republican or Democrat, you cannot argue the importance or need of our government to be accountable and transparent. It was extremely gratifying to know that these are areas enormously central to the President’s vision/direction of our day-to-day government operations. This does not mean government should be too big – but it also shouldn’t be too small. All Government Agencies/employees need to seriously apply these characteristics when performing or managing their everyday government responsibilities on behalf of the public we serve.


Project/Fund Reporting:

Project Reporting is costing the American People a huge amount of money/resources without a whole lot to show for it. Every ARRA project package that has been submitted, reviewed and approved has up front data that can automatically be entered into a report from the start. From this point forward, the important information (I think) is status of the project and number of JOBS created or sustained – That’s it!! I appreciate and understand the levels of auditing to ensure the American people these projects are legitimate and meet the criteria/purpose established and intended. However, this Project Reporting effort has gotten to be way more than this. Project Reporting that is mandatory now for ARRA projects needs to be unified and simplified in the interest of having quality data/results measurable from program to program.

All field personnel are running crazy trying to keep up with the enormous data calls and requests. Standardizing and Managing the reporting with only key/vital information necessary to keep high level department managers updated on program/funding/jobs status Will SIGNIFICANTLY save time, labor and money over the long period. Currently, reporting is done on a monthly and quarterly basis in accordance with various department/agency policies. We should develop a simple but concise report that can be used quarterly by all departments’ nationwide, allowing field staff more time to focus on customer service, program management and program missions.



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