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Put Prisoners in the ARMY/Marines!

How about taking selected prisoners (none Violent crimes Like check fraud or didnt pay taxes or Stealing or drugs) and put them in the military as a option for sentencing. (If they dont pass basic they go back they break any rules or laws they go back). and after 4 years In return theyl become a productive part of the community and have a 70 to 80% less chance of returning to prison or commitng an even greater crime because of it.. when they are released. Think about it, They will get disipline, have a job, a good trade to use in the real world and have a great chance to better themselves... plus it will save money at the prisons and for DOD. during thier service they will be confined to the Base and and made to pick up trash on weekends and so on.. the military could set the sentence of being confined to base to what there jail time would have been. then beacuse of the voluntary enlistment and willingness to risk thier lives for our country they could get their confined to base time reduced and then after there term of what ever the judge gave them they can stay in and earn a salery or be released after for years of honorable duty.... Make it a mandatory 4 years.. even if they were to only get 1 year of hard jail time.. If they owe money to the state, feds, or have law suits against them take the whole pay check till its paid off...

Well its just an Idea...



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