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Real Security at Airports

Security at Airports:

Currently, our security consists of X-Ray scans to detect metals (not explosives, not chemicals) and personnel to watch X-Ray machines. We have the APPEARANCE of security but it’s not real, because it does NOT adequately address the threat. We can use highly efficient sniffers at entrances to the airport that can detect minute amounts of explosives, chemicals, and gases of interest as people enter airports. The sniffers can be re-tuned and re-configured to detect additional gases of interest over time. Internal Airport security personnel can carry non-lethal weapons so as not to trigger the sniffers along with sniffing dogs. External security personnel can carry weapons. We can make Airports explosive and harmful chemicals - free zones, and be able to really detect these threats. This can trim down the size of the TSA and the Air Marshall programs’ resulting in huge savings from avoiding recurring costs, focusing security to counter the real threats (metal is not a threat), and speeding up operations at Airports. This will require some investment costs and a radical shift in Airport security frameworks, but I believe it can pay for itself in less than 2 years and make us safer and more efficient.



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