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Reduce Cost of Travel and save over $300M Annually

I am the Deputy for the Defense Travel System and propose to save Annually approximately $211M (conservative) to $308.5M (realistic to aggressive) in the following ways: Automated Voucher Processing $71M Automated Centrally Billed Accounts (CBAs) $51M Electronic Records Management and Streamlining Requirements $19.8M Consolidation of Commercial Travel Offices and Streamlining Requirements between $37.5M and $62.5M Allowing Advertising on the DTS Web Page (i.e. 10M webpages served a day, $.01 cent to view ad, 180days = $18M) between $18M and $90M (assuming 5 ads - could have more) Consolidation for the Executive Branch to all use the Defense Travel System and Elimination of eTravel (3 systems) $20M This proposal does not change the way business is done but leverages best commercial practices like Orbitz/Travelocity. Travel for DOD is approximately $9-10 Billion annual cost. I am talking about saving 2-3% which can be done. Thank you for the opportunity.



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