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Rent HYBRID RENTAL CARS to save $1.5M on certain types of official travel

A simple equation instantly predicts when a hybrid rental car is cheaper than a compact or economy rental car, and could be used to reduce the costs of official government travel.


When a rental car is used for a short distance over many days and gas prices are low, a compact or economy car is generally cheaper. When traveling many miles over a short period and gas prices are high, the hybrid is cheapest.


But travelers requesting a rental car in the automated Defense Travel System (DTS) are always offered a list of compact or economy cars to choose from – even when a hybrid would have been cheaper for the government.


DTS could modify its software to instantly predict the cases where a hybrid would be cheaper, and then instantly offer the traveler a list of hybrids available for rent.


The formula is: Total Cost = Rental Contract + (Estimated Rental Miles to be Driven / Average Car Class MPG) * Current Local Gas Price


Inputs can be completely automated using data from,, and


In FY06 DoD travelers rented 1.7 million cars for official duty travel, at an estimated cost of $510 million, excluding the cost of gas.


Assuming a hybrid is cheaper only 5% of the time, and in only those cases saves 5% per rental, then this innovation would save DoD about $1.5 million in the first year. Applied to multiple agencies the savings would be higher. Future year savings would increase as gas prices go up and hybrid costs go down.



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