Department of the Treasury

Restructure the US Tax code and revenue collection systems

Each year millions of hours and dolalrs are spent by US citizens to complete tax forms. On the receiving end, scores of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents must accurately and go through each case and verify this complex submission. The new health care bill alone added some 30,000 IRS agents; there salary alone would be millions of dollars per year and that is just the

tip of the iceberg.

While it is important for taxes to be collected,

our current system is a drain on time, economic resources, and complicates social issues. The government should switch to a flat income tax of 18% and eliminate all other taxes. Filing would be extremely simple (like Singapore's on 1 sheet of paper) and quick and federal verification would be just as efficient as a small cadre of IRS agent

could be focused on real cases of fraud and delinquency. Also each citizen would have a stake in the government and be pay proportionally

the same amount. Eliminating various itemized deductions and credits would mitigate social issues that become exacerbated through our current tax code that does not apply to each citizen equally.



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