Department of Agriculture

Review program goals

This could apply government-wide or to OMB but I didn't see those as category selections...


Many programs have been reviewed to see if they are meeting their goals in order to continue receiving funding. However, have the actual goals been reviewed? It appears that many of the regulations/programs we carry out/enforce/monitor (i.e. provide funding for) need to be re-evaluated to see if they are actually in line with the agency mission and benefit the American public. This would provide an opportunity to reign in programs/regulations that overstep the mission, saving money. In addition, it could help the U.S. economy since the government is now considering the needs of smaller and nontraditional stakeholders in addition to larger corporations, since many of these regulations stifle small and start up businesses. By reviewing programs, they could have a greater say this time around.


In summary, we need to rethink how the government is/should be involved in different areas - food safety, trade, private enterprise, etc.



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