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Government procurement/ordering is now easier than ever. The average turn around time for an office supply order is 2 -3 days. If ordered in the morning there's a good chance that the order will be waiting for you the following afternoon. With this in mind, why are we continuing to overstuff storage areas by stockpiling basic supplies. Just take a look in your supply cabinet. There is likely to be 100 boxes of pens (few of which anyone likes), 50 boxes of highlighters (which go dry), or 200 boxes of hanging & manilla folders (do you really want to file all that paper). The costs for these items alone can easily top be in the thousands. Now imagine all the paper clips, staples, staplers, transparency sheets, labels, and outdated items that will never be used again. I haven't conducted a full scale assessment but I would guess that each storage area, for each office, may easily be holding $6,000.00 worth of "stuff". Let's not forget to mention the amount of space and employee time it takes to manage and maintain these areas. Why are we still working as though a pen shortage would be a major crisis or that the government will cease to function if toner is not available for one day. I'm sure another worker will lend a pen and networking has enabled us to be able to print to 4 or 5 different sources. Stop Stockpiling Supplies...this act alone would save millions.



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