Department of Energy

Safe On Site Wind Energy Using Vertical Axis Wind Turbines To Offset Energy Costs

With the current national emphasis to move toward green energy, I suggest the installation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) on Government buildings around the nation. These turbines would provide electrical power directly to the buildings, thereby reducing the amount of electricity drawn from the utility grid. This offset could save millions in power bills across all agencies. Unlike conventional wind turbines which are noisy, require large towers, large open areas, and pose a threat to animals, the VAWTs can be installed directly on the roof of any government building, providing power directly where it is needed. This suggestion would be particularly useful for the USCG, since wind along our nations coasts blow regularly and with substantial potential to produce energy. VAWTs have many advantageous attributes, including the ability to instantaneously utilize wind gusts from any direction without necessary yaw control as on conventional turbines. With less moving parts they also have lesser maintenance requirements. They are also very quite when in operation, since there blades move at speeds considerably slower than conventional turbines.



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