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Scratch This! (Pad, that is).

I have a suggestion to save money - government wide. I call it "Scratch this! (pad, that is)."


This is a very simple idea with huge cost-savings. When I was in the private sector, I worked at a hotel/resort that conducted business with a printing company (letterhead, business cards, etc.)


We were constantly steno pads, tablets of paper, etc., for folks to jot down notes (even though those notes were of a temporary nature.


I came up with the idea to recycle our "non-sensitive" paper (paper jams from copy machines, printers, etc., and any and all paper one would just toss into the garbage can or recycling bin.


That paper was collected periodically and the printing company would create glued pads (of various sizes) for use as scratch pads. One side would be clean (the original obverse) and one side would have whatever was on the front side at the time it was tossed (which would NOW be the obverse side).


The printer did this for free - since we did so much business in the line of letterhead, business cards, envelopes and the such).


If the government were to have ONE company that did ALL of our envelopes and letterhead (I don't know as we do), then in return for paying them for THOSE ITEMS - we would have in the agreement that they create our scratch pads from our throwaway "non-sensitive" material. Thus, those logistical managers who control what is ordered (in the way of office supplies) would provide these scratch pads instead of ordering BRAND NEW scratch pads, notepads, etc., thereby creating a huge cost savings government-wide.


We all have our way of saving up our throwaway papers prior to taking a stack to the recycle bin. Just as we are "green" in the way of having containers for recycling of "plastic" and "alumiinum" (at OUR workplace here at the Durham VAMC), we can have bins for the "sensitive" material and bins for "non-sensitive" material.


Just a thought. Thank you.



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