Department of State

Share the Savings for Lodging

For Agencies that reimburse actual lodging expenses: An immediate way to save on travel expenses is to incentivize employees to utilize lodging below the GSA per diem rates. Under this plan, if individuals choose to stay in a less expensive hotel than the local per diem rate, they will retain a percentage (~50%) of the difference between the actual rate and the local per diem rate. This plan empowers individuals to stay where they are comfortable. Those who prefer the amenities provided by more expensive hotels may choose those accommodations at the set per diem rate. Those who prefer the more modest accommodations of less expensive hotels/motels, may choose to stay there and enjoy an extra reward. This plan would also allow individuals to stay with friends or family while on TDY, and enjoy a percentage of the whole lodging per diem. Normal agency processes and procedures to approve itineraries would still be in place to ensure practicality and prevent abuse.



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