Department of Homeland Security

Solar Power and Eco-friendly facilites and equipment

We could save millions of dollars in costs just by building better facilities and improving existing facilities and equipment to be more eco-friendly. Currently the El Paso Border Patrol station is an example of the improvements that can be made in this area by using eco-friendly materials as well as solar power which currently supplies almost 20 % of the stations power needs. By utilizing solar power for facilities and as well as possibly utilizing electric vehicles for use in areas that only require short commutes, take home rides, admin use and using solar power to charge them, we could save millions of dollars in electricity costs annually as well as show a clear sign of moving away from dependency on oil. All most everyhting can be powered with solar energy from the lights in the parking lots and on buildings as well as motorized gates that are used at many government facilities. This can be applied to all government Agencies regardless of size.



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