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Telework should be the norm, not the exception

Make telework the norm, not the exception. Some organizations, like the Patent Office, do an exemplary job of this: employees work from home normally, and reserve office space only when necessary to conduct meetings, use special facilities, etc. Granted, some people would have a tough time doing their job remotely (it's hard to launch an Astronaut who's telecommuting on launch day, for example), but the other several million of us whose work primarily consists of generating documentation or other objectively evaluable products (like software, for example) could easily maintain or improve our productivity by being able to perform our work independently of our physical location. Not only would this vastly reduce office space and overhead costs, improve employee morale and productivity, and provide the green side benefit of removing cars from the roadways during congested hours, but it could also reduce travel and relocation costs. Why have 30 people fly out to a meeting when you can have them gather at secure teleconference nodes nearby? Why pay to relocate employees to be close to their agencies, when they can telework from three states away, available to their peers and supervisors at all times at the touch of a button?



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